Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Skillz: Washerwoman Head Basket

You need Skillz, yeah? Skillz to pay dem billz.

This is part of a football themed sketch show I’m developing with The Exploding Heads called “Mabbutt Sandwich”.

The ‘Lympics Are Coming

This is the latest slice of mentalness from The Exploding Heads.

No one batted an eyelid as we did numerous takes of leaping about all over London, wearing those skin-tight leotards.


A promo for the charity website guess2give, which was picked up as an exclusive by The Sun.

Footage which didn’t make it into the final edit includes me convincing two women to sign up in protest at the Sumatran sport of stamping on monkeys. When I told them that they also greatly enjoy stamping on birds, but hey, there’s loads of birds so we don’t care about that, they simply agreed and carried on signing.

And then there was the not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-box teenage boy who agreed to donate a kidney even though I’d told him I had no idea which charity I was working for.

There’s nowt so queer as folk. . .

Click here to see the promo.

The Devil’s Apricot

Profile of Treble Six Records producer Damon Lewis.

Satanic message producers have several key responsibilities and working closely with talent is one of the most important. In this video Damon is visited by the head of Treble Six and lord of darkness, Satan.

Jesus’ Party

The Disciples are having a lovely Christmas Party. Until Jesus rocks up.

Young Girl

The new girlfriend is smart, funny and beautiful. She’s perfect, except for one little thing…

This now has over 1 million hits on youtube. Check out the comments about my stomach!


Thom Yorke may feel like dancing about Radiohead releasing “King Of Limbs”, but it drove this fan into therapy. Is he a weirdo, or is he just thinking what everyone else is thinking?

Secret Santa

Joke presents abound when it’s time for Secret Santa down the garage. The lads are cracking opening the tinnies and celebrating the festivities, but one gift unlocks a deep secret. . .

The Social Network: Outrage

We visit our local cinema and talk to some of the first people in the UK to see the new Facebook movie The Social Network. But you don’t get to 50 interviewees without meeting the odd nutter.

This was the first online clip I did for the BBC, around the release of the Facebook film “The Social Network”.