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Roadkill – Sand Tiger Sharks

How Will They Line Up? – Champions’ League Final 2014

How Will They Line Up? – Play Off Final, Derby v QPR

Roadkill – Badger Cull

Nathan Cassidy – Three Minute Interview

Hello you Bunch Of Beautifuls,

Mr Susie here. I is be-do doing The Rat Pack every day up in HeadInABurger Festival for August, and I just got my name checked by the lovely-bovely Nathan Cassidy in this interview on Broadway Baby (who, themselves, hated my show last year, describing it as a “pointless hour full of gimmicks”, which although I is think that sound awesome, they apparently meant it in a bad way).

Anyway, do do a check out Nathan’s shows in previews as well as at the festival itself, and do do a come-along-and-see-us all be do-doing the Rat Pack.

31st July – 24th August

2:45, Maggies’ Chamber, Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS – FREE ENTRY

War Worm – BBC WW1 Uncut

How Will They Line Up? – FA Cup Final 2014

How Will They Line Up – La Liga Final Day

Roadkill – Gangsters

Brendan Rodgers’ Relaxation CD (End Of Season Metal Mix)