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Notes From A Wandering Mind #1

Such lovely times in Norfolk. And with my blossoming knowledge of all things Nature-related, I wanted to share these notes and observations from a walk I did on Sunday evening, out through the freshwater marshes of Plimpton.

Lovely sighting of a Stormy Owl. There were possibly three of them as I know they mate in triplicate.

Also seen were:
– Shipton Griebling
– Cuffinch
– Pebble Chuckers
– WindPiper (just a neck with wings)
– a chicken
– Bittern Lemon
– two Egrets (technically a Hegret and a Shegret)

And see the Spruce Bobbles, below:

It was wonderful to hear the early evening air alive with the cries of Advice Warblers. I also heard a Tikka Wokka but was unable to sight it.
I witnessed Nature at its most unseemly when a Shed Dweller became agitated over a territorial dispute with a Mottled Ale Quaffer. It turned ugly when a Small Stonewashed Nutjob piled in. And so I turned my attention to a meadow filled with leaping Hairs. I would say there was a wigful of them at least.
And of course, is there a sight more lovely from the world of the Wild Flower than the tall swaying stems of a field full of Scrunched Knickers?
Notwithstanding the presence of the odd Magpoo, this was an evening to fill the senses and delight the heart.

Next week I shall go in search of the McCartney Beetle and the Wide Pagtail.

A Gibbon Tit roaring about food, or it being dawn, or something.

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