CV Acting

MARK DAVISON Spotlight Actors 2014 / 2015

View Pin: 3818-4505-5333

Contact: Sean Gascoine at United

Height: 5’9″

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Light / Mid Brown and Grey



2019: Diego Falso, Spy School, Zodiak for CITV, dir: Matt Holt

2018: David, Live And Let Love, Roughcut for Sky Shorts, dir: Jennifer Sheridan

2018: Man With Book, I Just Called To Say. . ., Open Mike Productions for Sky Shorts, dir: Dan Zeff

2018: Dr Evans, Enterprice, Fudge Park Productions for BBC3, dir: Nida Manzoor

2017 – Mike, Stath Let’s Flats, Roughcut for C4, dir: Tom Kingsley

2017 – DC Snowberry, Witless #3, Objective for BBC3, dir: Andrew Chaplin

2016 – Merlin (Legend of King Arthur), Drunk Histories #3, Tiger Aspect for Comedy Central, dir: Tom Mckay

2016 – DC Snowberry, Witless #2, Objective for BBC3, dir: Andrew Chaplin

2016 – Mark, Bloody Tracy, Guilty Party for Sky, dir: Al Campbell

2016 – Audience Member #2, The Agency, Happy Tramp for BBC2, dir: Tom McKay

2015 – Vicar, A Twisted Loaf Christmas, Tiger Aspect for Sky, dir: Steve Oram

2015 – Inspector Dew (Dr Crippen), Thomas Andrews (Titanic), Neville Chamberlain (Churchill), Drunk Histories #2, Tiger Aspect for Comedy Central, dir: Tom Mckay

2015 – DC Snowberry, Witless, Objective for BBC3, dir: Andrew Chaplin

2015 – Lucian, Plebs (Season 3), Rise for ITV2, dir: Sam Leifer

2015 – Sir Percy Macdonald, Drifters (Season 3), Bwark for C4, dir: Al Campbell

2015 – Jethro, Chewing Gum, Retort for E4, dir: Tom Marshall

2015 – Insurance Man, From The Cradle To The Grave, ITV for BBC2, dir: Sandy Johnson

2015 – Clive, Top Coppers, Roughcut for BBC3, dir: Cein McGillicuddy

2014 – Royal Doctor (Queen Victoria), Roger the Farmer (Florence Nightingale), Drunk Histories, Tiger Aspect for Comedy Central, dir: Tom Mckay

2014 – Foreign Baker, Vicious, Brown Eyed Boy for ITV, dir: Ed Bye

2014 – Boat Guy, Brotherhood, Big Talk for Comedy Central, dir: Dominic Brigstocke

2014 – Elder Quaker, Cuckoo, Roughcut for BBC3, dir: Ben Taylor

2014 – Clive, Top Coppers (Pilot), Roughcut for BBC3, dir: Cein McGillicuddy

2014 – Customer, The Mimic, Running Bare for Channel 4, dir: Kieron Hawkes

2013 – Crazy Golf Family Man, Toast, Objective for Channel 4, dir: Michael Cumming

2013 – Various characters, Jamie Demetriou’s BLAPSRoughCut for E4, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2013 – Various characters, Kerry, Objective for BBC3 Comedy Feeds, dir: Andrew Chaplin

2012 – Various characters, The Doctor Brown Show, Eyeworks for Channel 4, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2012 – Ed, Omega General, Roadkill (lead role, 6 episodes), Baby Cow, dir: Pat Schulenburg

2011 – Various characters, The Blurb, Ginx TV, dir: Ben Tonge

2007 – Edward Mayhew, Doctors (lead role, single episode), BBC1, dir: Nick Cohen

2002 – Testicle Man, My Hero, BBC1, dir: John Stroud


Feature Film:

2019 – Robert Zimmer, The Big Other, XE Films, dir: Jan Schomburg

2015 – Band Leader, The MercyDeep Water Productions, dir: James Marsh

2011 – Policeman, Full Firearms, Emily Wardill Productions, dir: Emily Wardill



2019 – Frank The Tank, The Mascot, That Lot, dir: David Schneider

2019 – Ian Fiveankles, FIFA Predicts, Exploding Heads for ESPN

2018 – Ian Fiveankles, BallsUpSki, Exploding Heads for ESPN

2017 – Mark, 25 Years Of The Premier League With Footballers, Exploding Heads for Football Republic

2017 / 18 – Ian Fiveankles, Exploding Heads sketches, ESPN

2016 – Ian Fiveankles, Bohemian Rhapsody With Footballersdir: Chris Vincze

2016 / 17 – Ian Fiveankles, How Will They Line Up?: 2016-17 (whole Premier League season), dir: Exploding Heads (for ESPNFC)

2016 – Ian Fiveankles, How Will They Line Up? – Euro 2016 (18 episodes), dir: Exploding Heads (for ESPNFC)

2015 – Mark, JailbirdsExploding Heads, dir: Exploding Heads

2015 – Aston Villa fan / Adebayo Akinfenwa, Behind The Balls: Best FA Cup Year Ever?dir: Ryan Baxter (for The Guardian)

2015 – Matt, Stubbing Out Problems #19dir: Rachel Stubbings

2015 – Matt, Stubbing Out Problems #12dir: Rachel Stubbings

2015 – Danny, Tigmus: This Is Good Music, Last Village, dir: Matt Cooper

2015 – Gordon Friend, Huawei’s School of Pronunciation, Hoot Productions, dir: James Rawlings

2015 – FA Spokesman / Dr Simon Sharples the Horse, Behind The Balls: The Magic Of The Cupdir: Ryan Baxter (for The Guardian)

2015 – Mark, BeesExploding Heads, dir: Mark Davison / Anthony Richardson

2014 – Mark, The Christmas Truce of 2014, dir: Chris Vincze (for The Exploding Heads)

2014 – Mark, Man Chat, Video Jug, dir: Olly Cambridge

2014 – Laurence ‘Larry’ Eagues, Trailer for “The Stooge”Boon Dog Theatre, dir: Teddy Powell

2014 – British Major, War WormBallista Films for BBC Learning, dir: Simon Balch

2014 – Mark, House For A BabyExploding Heads, dir: Ben Tonge

2014 – Mark, Winter LympicsExploding Heads, dir: Mark Davison

2014 – Squire, World Of Weird: Shark In A JarDragonfly / The Multiverse, dir: Matt Laroche

2013 – Brian, Sock It To MeMashed /, dir: Pat Schulenburg

2013 – Mr Hardy, Parting GiftOwyn & Co, dir: Pat Schulenburg

2013 – Mark, Left OutHunka Wunda, dir: Dermot Canterbury

2013 – Chris, Bad Photo, Hunka Wunda, dir: Dermot Canterbury

2013 – Kevin, One Day, Jam Productions, dir: Keith Gubbins

2013 – Guy, Baby DollHunka Wunda, dir: Pat Schulenburg

2013 – Interviewer, Caramel: Killer CVBad Teeth, dir: Joe Grace

2013 – Mark, How To Make A Viral, Hunka Wunda, dir: Dermot Canterbury

2013 – Old Man, The Internet: A Warning From History, Sarah Campbell, dir: Tom Levinge

2013 – Adam’s Dad, Adam Hess HappeningsBBC Online, dir: Dipak Patel

2013 – Ian Fiveankles, How Will They Line Up?Exploding Heads, dir: Keith Gubbins and Ben Tonge

2013 – Various Comic Roles, About Shakespeare, Somethin’ Else Productions for BBC Bitesize, dir: Matt Holt

2012 – Mark, The 12 Penalties Of Christmas, Exploding Heads, dir: Ben Tonge

2012 – Inappropriate Flatmate, Magical Place, Eyeworks TV for BBC Online, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2012 – Mark, Cake On The Desk, Eyeworks TV for BBC Online, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2012 – Gynaecologist, This Is It, Eyeworks TV for BBC Online, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2012 – Mr Susan (3 episodes), Mr Susan’s “Cheeky Flippin’ Nice”, Channel Alright, dir: Simon Balch, Donal Coonan

2012 – Starter Man, Starter Man, Channel Alright, dir: Donal Coonan

2012 – Keith, Keith The Magic Homeless, The Wiginsons, dir: Ben Tonge

2012 – Husband, Milk,, dir: Pat Schulenberg

2012 – Mark, FIFA 13 New Features Trailer, The Exploding Heads, dir: Ben Tonge

2012 – Mark, The ‘Lympics Are Coming, The Exploding Heads, dir: Ben Tonge

2012 – Various characters, Dr Brown’s Blaps, Eyeworks for Channel 4, dir: Andrew Gaynord (Episode One, Episode Two)

2012 – Satan, The Devil’s Apricot, Chips Productions, dir: Jonathan Brooks – WINNER OF THE JUDGES COMMENDATION AWARD AT REED.CO.UK FILM AWARDS 2012

2012 – Various comic characters, Mabbutt Sandwich (pilot), Exploding Heads for, dir: Keith Gubbins

2012 – Clifton Bingo, They Call Me Clifton AKA The Monster Of The Marsh, Cracked Films, dir: Michael Byrne

2011 – Jesus Christ, Jesus’ Party, The Wiginsons, dir: Ben Tonge

2011 – Mark, Set Piece, The Exploding Heads, dir: Keith Gubbins

2011 – Mike, Young Girl, Eyeworks TV for BBC Online, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2011 – Lead Counsellor, Radioholic, BBC Comedy, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2010 – Kevin (lead role), Secret Santa, Eyeworks TV for BBC Online, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2010 – Darren Ferguson (lead role), The Social Network: Outrage, BBC Comedy, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2009 – Ben Foster (lead role, 48 episodes), Debt Monkey, Bonzai Media, dir: Glen Long



2019: Policeman, Haribo: Police, Quiet Storm, dir: Seb Jamous

2019: Bob Paisley, Standard Chartered, Studio Weekend / Media Monks, dir: Teddy Powell / Mike Fisher

2018: Barber,, Mind’s Eye, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2015: Bullying Boss, THINK! Drink Drive: Photocopying #butaliveAMV for Dept of Transport, Smuggler, dir: Guy Shelmerdine

2015: Cycling Dad, Vauxhall Mokka Life ReadyMcCann, Somesuch & Co, dir: Vellas

2015: Stand Up Comic, Npower: Simpler BillsMcCann, 2AM, dir: David Schnieder

2014: Man at Door, BT Sport Christmas Carols, Mind’s Eye / AVM, dir: Andrew Gaynord

2014: Boss, Bristan: Shower To The PeopleBrain Candy, dir: Matt Bell

2014: Husband, Migros: Suga Alla Napoletana (for Switzerland), CYD Films, dir: Michael Fueter

2013 – Peter Cork, Electric Chipmunk (for the Electric Safety Council), Chief, dir: Ben Tonge

2013 – Mustang Dad, NatWest Wedding, Another Film Company, dir: Steve Reeves

2013 – Dad, Migros Picknick, Pumpkin Films, dir: Alex Feil

2013 – Dad, NatWest Easy ISA (Thing Called Love), Another Film Company, dir: Steve Reeves

2012 – Gary, Gary’s Cat Peugeot Ad, Smuggler, dir: The Sniper Twins

2012 – Violent Husband, Women’s Aid Cinema Campaign, MPC, dir: Chris Vincze

2012 – Dad, Tesco Mobile, Red Brick Road, dir: Mike Long

2012 – Office Ref, Viking Stationary “Office Ref”, Chief Productions, dir: Ben Tonge

2012 – Chugger, Guess2Give, Chips Productions, dir: Matt Laroche

2011 – Voice Over, Very Lazy (idents for Hells Kitchen USA), Chief Productions, dir: Ben Tonge

2010 – Football Manager, Sega Football Manager, Dab Hand Films, dir: Michael Williams

2010 – Shirt Swap Hero, The Times World Cup, Hungry Man Productions, dir: Paul Gay

2003 – Gormless Boyfriend, Kleenex Tissues, Hungry Man Productions, dir: Hank Perlman

2002 – Psychotic Father, Quality Street, Hungry Man Productions, dir: Hank Perlman



2015 – Possibly Of Interestpodcast interview with Howard Cohen

2014 – Fixated: Comedians And Their Obsessions, podcast interview by Tom Goodliffe

2014 – Comedy Bloggedy, podcast interview by Sara Shulman


Stand Up Comedy / Cabaret:

Regular ongoing appearances all over the London Comedy and Cabaret Circuits as well as the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, 2012, 2013,  2014 and 2015.


Winner – voted Best Free Act at Edinburgh Fringe 2011 by Stalking Elk magazine.



Voices – Prince William and Prince Phillip for the animated short A Right Royal Wedding, Monkey Kingdom / rathergood, dir Joel Veitch

Stage – lots of experience including Shakespeare (Romeo And Juliet, dir Rupert Goold, Greenwich Theatre and national tour), classics (Tamburlaine, dir Tim Supple, Cambridge Arts Theatre) and new writing (Disappearances by Terry Eagleton, dir Jonathan Church, Salisbury Playhouse)

Short Films – numerous, including two shown at Cannes and on Channel 4 -The Starers Go Mental (2004) and Diablotheque (2003), both directed by Chris Vincze
Various music promos and corporate videos since 1998



Comic writer: credits include two series of Henry 8.0 (2009 and 2010) for BBC Comedy Online Skilled organist, pianist and keyboard player
Music: Experienced DJ and composer of music and short film / theatre soundtracks

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