Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Kerry – BBC3 Comedy Feeds Sneak Preview

The full pilot goes live on Monday, but here is a sneak preview of one of the sketches involved:

Dirk Kuyt’s About – Bin Prank

That wacky funster Dirk Kuyt is still about. . .

Dirk Kuyt’s About – Trousers Prank

Ever wondered what happened to runs-about-a-lot-but-has-little-skill former Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt? He’s only gone and got his own Prank Show: “Dirk Kuyt’s About”:

How To Make A Viral

ALL YOUR DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE! Hunka Wunda is now live. It’s a YouTube channel led by the comedy minds of David Bussell and Matthew Stott.

Watch the writing team at work in the video below, subscribe for more content as it’s released, and generally live a life enriched.