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War Worm – BBC WW1 Uncut

Comedy Feeds – Kerry

This is the BBC3 pilot I’m involved in for “Kerry”, featuring the supreme talents of Kerry Howard, alongside great support from Kathryn Bond, Ben Ashenden, Eri Jackson, Jason Forbes, David Armand and Russell Tovey.

Please watch it, share it and shout about it from the rooftops. It would be great if this got commissioned as a series.

Kerry – BBC3 Comedy Feeds Sneak Preview

The full pilot goes live on Monday, but here is a sneak preview of one of the sketches involved:

Adam Hess – Happenings

Magical Place

Cake On The Desk

This Is It

Young Girl

The new girlfriend is smart, funny and beautiful. She’s perfect, except for one little thing…

This now has over 1 million hits on youtube. Check out the comments about my stomach!


Thom Yorke may feel like dancing about Radiohead releasing “King Of Limbs”, but it drove this fan into therapy. Is he a weirdo, or is he just thinking what everyone else is thinking?

Secret Santa

Joke presents abound when it’s time for Secret Santa down the garage. The lads are cracking opening the tinnies and celebrating the festivities, but one gift unlocks a deep secret. . .