CV Writing

Represented as a writer by Sean Gascoine at United

Contact: Sean Gascoine at United


Henry 8.0

Two series (each 6 x 3mins) for BBC Comedy Online starring Brian Blessed as Henry VIII somehow living in a modern suburban semi with long-suffering sixth wife Catherine Parr.

The Exploding Heads

Ongoing work with Anthony Richardson, Ben Tonge and Keith Gubbins, covering diverse subject matter, all getting The Exploding Heads treatment.

Debt Monkey 
This was co-written with Glen Long and was a spoof documentary in which my character had had all of his debts written off by a production company in exchange for allowing them to film him 24/7. It was all done under our own steam and we made 2 episodes a week for 6 months in 2009 (it nearly killed us!).
We assumed most people watching it would know it was a spoof. We were wrong! Some amazing things happened during the series, including becoming the front page headline in the Worthing Herald when we filmed an episode there.


To Earth With Love

Co-written with Jon Wright, on a bursary from the Film Council.
A sci-fi comedy feature about earnest, but clueless, aliens who journey to earth attempting to avert an ecological disaster. Based on the short film “Hello?” written by me from a story by Jon Wright.

Songs From A Distant Place

Co-written with Chris Vincze.
A feature-length comedy about what happens when the logic of TV adverts starts infecting the world at large.



Co-written with Glen Long, Hywel Berry and Chris Stimpson.

A surreal ‘skit-com’ set in a shared workplace, this is “Lost” meets “The Office”. How weird do things need to get at work before someone is brave enough to question it?


Vampire Shift

A mysetrious late-night talk show host binds this comedy together, for all the characters awake and / or working in the city through the night listen-in to his quietly insane ramblings.


Mr Susie

Regular ongoing appearances all over the London Comedy Circuit as well as the Edinburgh Fringe.



Co-writing with Anthony Richardson and Ben Tonge.
A comedy for television about a chaotic network of sports channels.

Making Friends

Co-writing with Joel Veitch, David Shute and Pat Schulenberg.
A dark comedy for television about a lonely taxidermist and his macabre quest to win the affections of his childhood sweetheart.

Soggy Gorillas

Co-writing with Chris Vincze
A feature-length comedy about a pair of wasters on an ill-advised cycling road trip from London to the Highlands of Scotland.

Going Home

Co-writing with Ross Ashcroft and Doc Brown for Motherlode Productions.
A feature-length comedy about three dysfunctional comics on a disastrous stand-up tour of the West Country. Ed Aczel is in line to play the leading comic, a man struggling to stay in touch with his young daughter and to keep his distance from the chaotic nature of the other two comics on the tour (played by Ed Weeks, from Tommy And The Weeks, and me).

Nathaniel & I

A surreal sit-com pilot for television about two Victorian gentlemen catapulted through time into a modern day tower block in south London.


Co-writing with Glen Long
A television sit-com pilot about a girl imprisoned by her deranged Mum from birth, deprived of all contact with the world at large, finally gaining freedom aged 21.

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